Schindlers museum and Auchwitz tour – new inspirations

This interesting exhibition is the result of an experience, that the couple of two french artists (Jean Michelle and Sophia Chirac) gained during their stay in Poland. Their exhibition “Holocaust In Other Worlds: The Picture of Jews” is widely described in the previous post: New exhibition at Marlborough New York. However, this time they were fascinated by the figure of one brave man, that they discovered in the Schindlers museum.

One year before, the couple had been traveling for the whole year, visiting different camps in Europe and US. They went to Poland as well. The company, that they chose to go on Auschwitz tour with, organized for them different tours as well. KrakowDirect sponsored them Schindlers museum tour as well as the Krakow walking tour. The first one was an interesting opportunity to visit Krakow old town and explore attractions of the city. They have visited the Jewish district called Kazimierz, where they could explore Jewish culture: synagoges, restaurants and music as well. Although, the most exciting for them was the Schindlers museum.

That was the place, that inspired them to do the new exhibition. The vision was to show how interesting was the cultural life of jews during the war. In Schindlers museum they also discovered the history of the brave man called Oscar Schindler. He saved more than 1200 lives of Jews during the war, as he was giving them employment in his factory. Hi is widely known thanks to Steven Spielberg film “Schindler’s List”. However, what they saw in Schindlers museum, was much more interesting. Most of all, they were inspired by the architecture of the place. Going inside,  visitor can fell like a real citizen and ghetto dweller.

schindlers museum

They took a lot of pictures from that place as well as from the Jewish district in Krakow. Thanks to interviews with traditional Jews and musicians from Krakow they have built up their artistic vision of Jewish cultural life. As they say, the Schindlers museum attracted them to that culture for ever. You can see their exhibition called “Schindlers museum and Auchwitz tour – new inpirations”  in New York city.