My City Blogging

Hi everyone! I’m Mike and I’m running this blog for you. I mean, here you can see what’s happenning in the city right now regarding it’s cultural life. There are all the time new events and heappening in NYC’s galleries and I guess all of you guys like to be up to date and following my posts you certainy will.

Obviously, since New York City is a city where something’s happening all the time I am not able to be on the top of the issues of every kind! This blog is devoted mainly to Chelsea Galleries and NYC’s museums. The cultural life of New York is very rich and never stops. All the time something’s heappening here. It’s realy hard to keep up with every cultural event in the city and every new exhibition in Chelsea. Unless you devote all your time to keep up. I do and I share all the news with you guys.

From approximately 1500 galleries in the Big Apple located in Soho, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Lower and Upper East Sides I have chosen to report from Chealse’s art galleries mainly.

It’s known that Chealsea is home for hundreds of galleries. Many of them are carved out of former garages and wasrehouses.This amazing area spreading between tenth and eleventh avenues and West  15th and 35th Streets is just a paradise for artists as well as art lovers – like me. A whole day spent there is still not enough to see everything that Chelsea’s got to offer.

Well, check out the records, follow my posts and be up to date.

Gloucesten, S. Davis
Gloucesten, S. Davis